Know all about the Small Town Tully and its Motels

Tully is a very small town in Queensland,Australia.It is located adjacent to Bruce Highway as well as near the two cities Cairns and Townsville.The economic base of the town is mainly agriculture;sugar and banana are the two dominant crops grown.

Gradually tourism is become quite important in Tully as the major attraction of this city is the swimming and white water rafting in the Tully River.Even the Tully Gorge,Murray Fall,Mt Tyson Walk and the Alligators nest are few of the popular tourist spots.Most backpackers here come to enjoy extreme adventure in the Tully River,so there are many Motels in Tully.

As every year adventure lovers visit this place Tully has many travelers’ hostel which provides all the basic amenities to its guests in much cheaper rates.Even there are few resorts for those tourists who want to live in luxury and the popular ones are The Savoy,Banana Barracks,Tully Motel,and Mt Tyson Hotel.This small town this with its abundant natural beauty and many places of attractions thus brings many tourists here every year.

From this very peaceful town one can take side trips to Hinchinbrook Islands,Cardwell and Mission Beach.Motels in Mission Beach is also abundant as many city dwellers love to visit this serene and calm beach on weekends.Thus these small towns are simply perfect weekends getaways for their very peaceful and serene environment which all city people simply love.


Enjoy Lazy Holiday in the Hidden Beaches of Queensland

Many tourists love to spend in secluded places to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.People work hard every day and so they want to spend a peaceful weekend in some distant places.The best places to enjoy a lazy weekend in North Queensland are Mission Beach and Kurrimine Beach.

Mission Beach is a very small village along the Coral Sea and is a unique place to visit because it is surrounded by hills,sea and farmland. This place is growing into a tourist hub as the Great Barrier Reef and the Rainforests are easily accessible from here.People enjoy the bird watching experience in the rainforests,Cassowary,a flightless bird being the greatest attraction.There are a number of activities to do in this beach like snorkelling, fishing, diving etc and so the tourists never feel bored here.Motels in Mission Beach are abundant due to the rising number of tourists,ranging from luxury to cheap motels.

Kurrimine Beach is another hidden place in Queensland which is gradually gaining popularity.It is located along the Cassowary Coast near Cairns and Townsville.This place is famous for fishing and most tourists visit here this purpose.The King Reef is a great attraction apart from Paronella Park and Atherton Tableland.There a number of Motels in Kurrimine Beach as per the traveller’s budget.It is a perfect place to relax and be lazy.These beaches today attract many tourists for their peaceful and calm ambience.

Kurrimine Beach the Romantic Getaway

The Kurrimine Beach is a serene and hidden beach in Queensland.It is located north of Mission Beach and south of Innisfail.This beach is very popular among fishers of tropical north.This pristine beach has a large reef of over 200 metres which makes swimming impossible, but perfect for fishing.

This beach is a very popular among Queensland dwellers.Its serene beach makes it a romantic spot.Among many Motels in North Queensland the Kurrimine Beach Motel is one of the best.It is perfect for family, honeymoon couple, backpackers.It is surrounded by sun kissed beaches and wonderful Great Barrier Reef apt for fishing and boating off the reef.This getaway is a perfect romantic destination.

This motel is provides you many services like coral,Cassowary and crocodile viewings.They also arrange visit to islands and falls like Murray Falls, Tully Falls and Tully Gorge.The sandy beach is just a minutes’ walk is very popular among fishermen.The motel can also be booked for weddings as it has an air conditioned Chapel accommodating eighty seats.Its restaurants serve one of the best cuisines in kurrimine. It gives very good facilities to its guests and gives highest priority to their needs.

No other motels in Kurrimine beach is as good as this one.It has evolved over the years and has improved its services too.Its new travel plans for backpacker all over Queensland has gained great popularity and has thus made it a perfect holiday destination.